Important Notice 01/24/2023

Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. has begun placing fiber optic cable in the areas listed below. Please be advised that the construction contractor for this project is Cablevision Communications, Inc. and their trucks will be marked as CCI.

At the conclusion of this project, currently estimated to be in October of this year, fiber optics connectivity will be available to every home and business within the reservation.

Fiber optics connectivity provides for much greater reliability over longer distances for both voice and Internet services. It also provides for much greater Internet access bandwidth (speed) possibilities.

Fiber optics cabling will be placed in the following areas and generally in the following order, subject to change*:

  • Nogal
  • Cow Camp #1
  • Head Springs
  • Eight Canyon
  • Upper Elk
  • Lower Elk
  • Silver Lake
  • White Tail
  • Apache Summit
  • Mud Canyon
  • Ski Apache

  • *Many variables were considered in establishing the order of this list. Some of those variables are ongoing such as environmental clearances, historical preservation clearances, pole attachment permissions, right of way (Hwy) permissions and of course, weather. As these variables change, the order of this list may change.
    Also, please be aware that the construction crew may begin work in one area and then move to another, retuning at a later time to complete.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this construction may cause. Any concerns or questions should be directed to our Customer Service Representative at 575 464-4039.

    Fiber to Home (FTTH), also known as Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP),

    is a pure fiber-optic cable connection running from MATI's Central Office directly to your home or business. Fiber optic cables are made of one or more optical fibers, which are designed to carry light. These optical fibers have the width of human hair, and are covered with two layers of plastic to create a mirror around the fibers.

    Light travels through the fibers and bounces at very shallow angles off the mirror-like sides of the plastic, managing to stay inside the cable at all times thanks to the total internal reflection. When speaking on a landline connected to a fiber optic cable, analog voice signals are transformed into digital signals. A laser at one end then flashes on and off at precise intervals to send each bit of data. This is how information travels through the cable.​

    MATI has invested a lot of money into FTTP for the reservation and its residents and have since hired CCI, a non-tribal contractor to help get the fiber into the ground and to your homes.    





    Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc.