We know what it feels like to want to...





Did your computer have problems and you tried to fix it yourself?  Not a problem, let the


professionals fix your Desktop or Laptop for you.






Were you ever a phishing scam victim, or do you think your personal files and financial records
are in jeopardy? We have trained professionals skilled in prevention and terminology.
You can always ask us questions on how to protect yourself and your family.

 Do you think there is a  hacker watching your every  move?


Are you suffering from a nasty virus invasion?  Do you get random windows popping up or


more Email spam than normal?  Do you have toolbars in your browser and have no idea


how they got there?  Call us and no matter the virus, we will get you going again.  


So we offer PC repair services to your computers and laptops.  



Do you feel like you need speed boost to an older PC?  We offer hardware installation of


new HDD (hard drives) for more data space, and memory modules for those programs


that take alot of memory.  




Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc.